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This webpage is for those who want to learn how to build Gundam, not just taking them out from the sprue tree. This webpage let you learn more than just putting them together, it teaches you other technique that will help to make you build a better Gundam.If you are not sure what Gundam model to start building, you should just find your favourite Gundam model and just start building it, that way not only are u motivated in building the Gundam but you will also be want to learn more about the different technique to further enhance the Gundam you made.

Tools you should have when building a Gundam:

Tamiya Craft Side Cutters

Side Cutters

For cutting the parts of the sprue tree.

Hobby Knife

Hobby Knife

For cleaning the nib marks further.

Gundam Marker

Gundam marker

To apply panel lining to make your model look even

more realistic.


Angled Tweezers

To put the sticker on to the Gundam.

Cutting Mat


To not damage the table when cutting.